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Canada-U.S Climate Policy Outreach Session – Vancouver, British Columbia – February 17, 2011

On February 17th, the National Round Table in collaboration with Carbon Talks hosted a half-day dialogue session in Vancouver that brought together thought leaders to review the NRT’s recent report Parallel Paths: Canada-U.S. Climate Policy Choices and discuss its findings and their implications for Canadian climate policy. The insights generated in this session will be combined with advice generated through dialogues being led by NRT across the country and submitted to the Minister of the Environment.



Official Welcome

Dr. Nancy Olewiler, Advisor Group, Carbon Talks, Director, SFU School of Public Policy

Richard Prokopanko, NRTEE member


Overview of the Day and Introductions

Shauna Sylvester, Facilitator, ED, Carbon Talks, Fellow, SFU Centre for Dialogue


NRTEE Parallel Paths Report presentation

David McLaughlin, President and CEO, NRTEEDale Beugin, Policy Advisor, NRTEE


Question and Answer – Plenary


Round Table Dialogue Session

Guiding Questions:

Part 1:

If the US does not move forward on comprehensive national climate legislation, does this mean Canada too should not move forward?

Part 2:

How should the federal government move forward?  What role can or should carbon pricing play?  What role can/should regulation play?

Part 3:

What is the role of sub-national governments (municipal, provincial)? For example, BC has pioneered its carbon tax (now approaching a level of stringency similar to that proposed in the NRTEE report) and is a leading member of the Western Climate Initiative.  How far can or should BC go without a national policy framework in place? 


Summary review of key issues and next steps

David McLaughlin, President and CEO, NRTEE



Chris Adachi
Teck Resources Ltd.

Paula Barrios

Chris Bataille
M.K. Jaccard and Associates

Tyler Bryant
David Suzuki Foundation

Frank Came
Globe Foundation

Marlene Cummings
Forest Ethics

John Dagevos
Brabant Centre for Sustainable Development

Julia Dorofeeva
Sauder, UBC

Hadi Dowlatabati
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability (IRES) and Liu Institute for Global Issues

Charlene Easton
C. Easton, Sustainability

Mark Edwards
Teck Resources Ltd.

Sigrid Emrich
US Consulate General

Rosemary Eng
US Consulate General

Suzanne Hawkes

Jim Hoggan
Hoggan & Associates

Matt Horne

Keith Jardine
Keith Jardine

Paul Kariya
Clean Energy BC

Brenda Kuecks

Stefan Lorimer

Andrew Macdonald
Sustainability Partners

Adine Mees
Canadian Business for Social Responsibility

Lena Muratkina

Anne Murray
Vancouver Airport Authority

Rudy North
North Growth Foundation

Nancy Olewiler
Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Tom Pedersen

Hurrian Peyman
Sauder, UBC

Richard Prokopanko
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE)

Elodie Joy Ramjheetun

Mark Roseland
Simon Fraser University (SFU)
Centre for Sustainable Community Development (CSCD)

Robert Safrata

Daniel Savas
Savas Consulting

Barry Saxifrage
Stonebreaker Designs

Carrie Saxifrage
Tides Canada

Elizabeth Sheehan
Climate Smart

Roberta Smith
Blue Lantern Communications

Shauna Sylvester
Carbon Talks

Peter Weeme
Junxion Strategy

Ben West
Former leader BC Green Party

Mark Winston
Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Dana Wong
Sourcing Offsetters


Dale Beugin
Policy Advisor
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE)

David McLaughlin
President and CEO
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE)

Nadra Meigag
Administrative Assistant
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE)

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