Our process helps Canada achieve sustainable development solutions that integrate environmental and economic considerations to ensure the lasting prosperity and well-being of our nation.


We rigorously research and conduct high quality analysis on issues of sustainable development. Our thinking is original and thought provoking.


We convene opinion leaders and experts from across Canada around our table to share their knowledge and diverse perspectives. We stimulate debate and integrate polarities. We create a context for possibilities to emerge.


We generate ideas and provide realistic solutions to advise governments, Parliament and Canadians. We proceed with resolve and optimism to bring Canada’s economy and environment closer together.

Canada-U.S Climate Policy Outreach Session – Toronto, Ontario – March 3, 2011

On March 3rd, the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy in collaboration with the Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation will host a half-day dialogue session in Toronto that will bring together thought leaders to review the NRTEE’s recent report Parallel Paths: Canada-U.S. Climate Policy Choices and discuss its findings and their implications for Canadian climate policy. The insights generated in this session will be combined with advice generated through dialogues being led by NRTEE across the country and submitted to the Minister of the Environment.


8:30 Registration and Networking
9:00 Official Welcome, Overview of the Day and Introductions
9:15 NRTEE Parallel Paths Report presentation and discussion
10:45 Round Table Dialogue Session Guiding Questions:Part 1:

If the US does not move forward on comprehensive national climate legislation, does this mean Canada too should not move forward?

Part 2:

How should the federal government move forward?  What role can or should carbon pricing play?  What role can/should regulation play?

Part 3:

How can Ontario and Canada position themselves to take advantage of new low-carbon growth opportunities for business, both nationally and internationally? What role can/should a technology fund play?

11:45 Summary review of key issues and next steps
12:00 Adjourn


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