Our process helps Canada achieve sustainable development solutions that integrate environmental and economic considerations to ensure the lasting prosperity and well-being of our nation.


We rigorously research and conduct high quality analysis on issues of sustainable development. Our thinking is original and thought provoking.


We convene opinion leaders and experts from across Canada around our table to share their knowledge and diverse perspectives. We stimulate debate and integrate polarities. We create a context for possibilities to emerge.


We generate ideas and provide realistic solutions to advise governments, Parliament and Canadians. We proceed with resolve and optimism to bring Canada’s economy and environment closer together.


Canada is the world’s third-largest exporter of energy and the sixth-largest user of energy. Energy, economic, and environmental issues are more linked than ever before.  We are fast becoming an energy superpower.  With policy advice on how to continue to grow our energy economy, reducing carbon emissions from that energy and using less water in energy production is necessary for sustainable development.

At the NRT, we believe that the right policies can make us a global leader in clean energy. That it can help us meet the challenge of climate change.  And, in new carbon-constrained world, it can assure our continued competitiveness and standard of living.


Our Work

Energy Efficiency in Canada’s Commercial Building Sector

Energy Efficiency in Canada’s Commercial Building Sector

For Canada to meet its long-term emission reduction targets, every sector of the economy must do its share. Commercial buildings use 14% of our end-use energy and that they are responsible for close to 13 % of Canada’s greenhouse gases – including electricity-related emissions – cutting down energy use in these buildings makes sense from environmental and economic perspectives.

This study provides, for the first time, a detailed analysis that will help governments make the right policy choices enabling the commercial building sector to deploy the technologies necessary to achieve substantial energy efficiency gains and make a real contribution to Canada’s climate policy goals.

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