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Our process helps Canada achieve sustainable development solutions that integrate environmental and economic considerations to ensure the lasting prosperity and well-being of our nation.


We rigorously research and conduct high quality analysis on issues of sustainable development. Our thinking is original and thought provoking.


We convene opinion leaders and experts from across Canada around our table to share their knowledge and diverse perspectives. We stimulate debate and integrate polarities. We create a context for possibilities to emerge.


We generate ideas and provide realistic solutions to advise governments, Parliament and Canadians. We proceed with resolve and optimism to bring Canada’s economy and environment closer together.

Measuring Up: Benchmarking Canada’s Competitiveness in a Low-Carbon World

May 20, 2010


Measuring Up: Benchmarking Canada’s Competitiveness in a Low-Carbon World

Climate Prosperity – Report # 1
In the global transition to a low-carbon economy, Canadian competitiveness is at stake. We need to determine where we can succeed and gain in achieving a low-carbon performance that will create jobs and opportunity for Canadians. This study examines how Canada ranks within the G8 nations for low-carbon performance.
Climate prosperity means competing with the world to build and new low-carbon future for Canada and Canadians. The green race is on. Canada needs to be ready.

Our Process
NRT Process - Research, Convene, Advise

Process Research


Knowing where we stand today will help us prepare for future low carbon competitiveness. While the transition to a low-carbon economy is inevitable, the outcomes for us as a country are not. Measuring up creates Canada’s first-ever Low-Carbon Performance Index, comparing Canada’s performance with our G8 competitors.

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Process Convene


The NRT convened top national and international economic modelling policy experts and firms. The Index was created by the NRT and Deloitte LLP with important contributions from the Conference Board of Canada.

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Process Advise


The NRT’s Low-Carbon Performance Index breaks new ground by illustrating what matters most when it comes to low-carbon performance. This index is the first word, not the last, on what we should be tracking to ensure low-carbon competitive success. It commences a needed public policy conversation about where we must strategically focus and why, if we are to succeed in the transition to a global low-carbon economy.

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