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November 24, 2011 – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Planning For Prosperity – Building Canada’s Low-Carbon Growth Plan

NRT Stakeholder Consultation Session
November 24, 2011 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRT) is investigating the economic risks and opportunities of climate change for Canada. As part of this initiative the NRT is exploring what a low-carbon economy looks like for Canada. This meeting is one of ten regional events being held by the NRT and its Regional Partners across the country throughout November and December, 2011. The purpose of these sessions is to obtain stakeholder input and advice on the regional and pan-Canadian opportunities and challenges inherent in the global transition to a low-carbon economy, and how Canada can succeed and prosper in this new reality. This input will shape the findings and recommendations of the NRT in its development of a low-carbon growth plan for Canada.

These meeting will help:

  • Solicit broad-based private sector input on how Canada should position itself in the global low-carbon transition;
  • Improve our understanding of regional priorities and opportunities; and
  • Ensure that our advice is grounded in the regional realities.

Western Regional Partner

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Discussion Paper – Planning For Prosperity: Building Canada’s Low-Carbon Growth Plan
Cautious Optimism - cover image
Cautious Optimism: Western Perspectives on a Low-Carbon Economy
Prepared by Shawna Stirrett
Senior Policy Analyst
Canada West Foundation


James Battershill
Policy Analyst
Keystone Agricultural Producers

Norm Blagden
Vice President
Manitoba Trucking Association

Tom Carson
Director, Manitoba
Canada West Foundation

John Cuddihy
Senior Policy Advisor
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy

John Fjeldsted
Executive Director
Manitoba Environmental Industries Association

Philip Gass
Project Manager
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

Dr. Roger Gibbins
President and CEO
Canada West Foundation

Thomas Henley
Executive Director
Natural Resources Institute
Associate Head and Associate Professor
University of Manitoba

Dr. Roslyn Kunin
Director, BC
Canada West Foundation

Ed Lohrenz
Vice President, Geo-Xergy Systems
Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance

Dan MacLean
President and CEO
Tundra Oil and Gas Partnership

Jane McDonald
Energy Policy Advisor
Manitoba Hydro

Dan McInnis
Assistant Deputy Minister
Government of Manitoba

David McLaughlin
President and CEO
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy

Shawna Ritchie
Canada West Foundation


The Regional Sessions



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