Water Sustainability and the Future of Canada's Natural Resource Sectors





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Changing Currents: Water Sustainability and the Future of Canada’s Natural Resource Sectors

Access to clean, sustainable supplies of water is essential for Canada’s major natural resource sectors — energy, mining, forest, and agriculture. Our ecosystems also depend upon those same clean, sustainable water supplies, creating the potential for competing uses. With development of the natural resource sectors on the rise, does Canada have enough water to support economic growth while maintaining the health of our country’s ecosystems? And are we in a position to sustainably manage our water resources for future generations?

Our Process
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Process Research


The NRT is conducting a two-year program on Water Sustainability and the Future of Canada’s Natural Resource Sectors examining the relationship between water and the forestry, mining, agricultural, and energy sectors. The Phase I report, entitled “Changing Currents”, was released in June 2010 and examined principal water uses by Canada’s natural resource sectors and identified key water issues. Phase II, which will be released at the end of 2011, undertook research into the potential solutions to these issues.

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Process Convene


This work involved the research and engagement of some of the country’s leading experts on water management and policy, and collaboration with key industry representatives and associations, as well as several watershed-based non-governmental organizations. The focus and approach of the program was guided by an Expert Advisory Committee. The NRTEE held several consultation meetings across the country, involving over 150 experts and stakeholders. As well, the findings and conclusions of this study have been peer-reviewed by specialists in the different areas of investigation.

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Process Advise


In June 2010, the NRTEE released Changing Currents: Water Sustainability and the Future of Canada’s Natural Resource Sectors. This report provides a description of the relationship between Canada’s natural resource sectors and water, focusing on the current and emerging key water issues facing the sectors.

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