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Annual Report 2010-2011 – Letter from the Interim Chair and President and CEO

July 2011

Dear Minister:

We are pleased to submit to you the 2010-2011 Annual Report of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy. This year’s report brings together the results of the NRTEE’s continued focus and research on the critical issue of climate change and the Round Table’s contribution to Canada’s sustainable development.

Much has been achieved in 2010-2011, beginning with the May release of the first report under the Round Table’s Climate Prosperity research program. The report, Measuring Up: Benchmarking Canada’s Competitiveness in a Low-Carbon World, assesses Canada’s low-carbon competitiveness against other G8 nations in areas such as emissions and energy, skills, investment, innovation, and governance.

The second report released later in the winter, Degrees of Change: Climate Warming and the Stakes for Canada, featured a unique illustration of how climate change could impact Canada over the 21st century if global warming trends continue and summarized what we can expect from climate change across eight major categories of impacts.

In parallel with our work on climate change, the NRTEE launched a new collaborative initiative with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society to present the original Degrees of Change diagram in the October editions of the Canadian Geographic and Géographica magazines. Numerous resources in support of this initiative were developed, including interactive websites and lesson plans on climate change destined for hundreds of thousands of young Canadian students.

Parallel Paths: Canada-U.S. Climate Policy Choices is the third report of the Climate Prosperity series released this year. The report offered new analysis, insight, and advice on the implication of harmonizing climate policies in Canada with those in the United States despite uncertainty in the U.S. In the report, the Round Table recommended consideration of a Transitional Policy Option – a “made-in-Canada” climate policy approach to pave the way for eventual harmonization with the United States.

Throughout 2010-2011, The Round Table also continued its focus on its other major policy research program, Water Sustainability and the Future of Canada’s Natural Resource Sectors. Building on extensive consultations with industry and other stakeholders, a first report, Changing Currents, was released in June and described the key water issues for those sectors and highlighted areas for recommendations and action.

In July, the NRTEE also fulfilled its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act, undertaking a review and assessment of the government’s 2010 KPIA Action Plan. The report represents the fourth response of the Round Table. Aside from our published work, NRTEE members and staff participated in a number of conferences and hosted several joint meetings with stakeholders. The NRTEE was more engaged in such external activities than ever before in 2010-2011, either by hosting or participating in over 60 stakeholder sessions and speaking engagements throughout Canada and abroad.

Since 1988, the NRTEE has developed expertise that positions us well to provide a unique and substantial contribution to Canada’s sustainable development. We look forward to continuing to provide you, the Government of Canada, and Parliament with useful, timely and relevant policy advice throughout 2011-2012.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Page, Ph.D.


David McLaughlin
President and Chief Executive Officer