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Charting a Course – Message from the President and CEO

Few issues bring the environment and the economy together than water and industry. Canada’s natural resources sectors are the largest water users in our country. How they use, conserve, and manage water has a real impact on ensuring sustainable water use across Canada.

In the past two years, the NRTEE has released two reports on sustainable water use by Canada’s natural resources sectors. Having identified the issues in Changing Currents, we now outline new ways forward to value, manage, and sustain water use for industry and ecosystems in Charting a Course.

We set out key principles to govern sustainable water use by the natural resources sectors. We show how water conservation and efficiency can be generated through pricing and other measures. We reinforce new collaborative ways to govern water use by all interests in a watershed. And we show the importance of good information and data so governments can make solid water allocation and management decisions for the future.

Charting a Course demonstrates the long-term importance of getting water sustainability right. It says all players, industry, governments, communities, have a stake and a role in both charting that course and following it through.

NRTEE President and CEO