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// Business Primer – Facing the Elements

  • Business Primer

Building Business Resilience in a Changing Climate

A business-friendly primer emphasizing why adapting to climate change is important to stay competitive. See what the business case for action is, and what practical steps and approaches business executives and managers can use to get in front and succeed in the face of this growing challenge.

Despite a growing awareness of the business risks and opportunities that a changing climate presents, the business case for taking proactive steps is complicated by uncertainty about both the magnitude and timing of impacts. Further, some changes are incremental and may be long term. And, in grim economic times, short-term financial concerns may tempt businesses to defer initiating adaptation actions — but is this effective risk management? Just as businesses must readily manage financial and regulatory uncertainty, they must also understand the risks and potential opportunities presented by a changing climate and position themselves to respond appropriately.

This report demonstrates tactics and strategies that business executives and managers can use to stay competitive in a changing climate. It illustrates how Canadian firms are exposed to climate change now and in the future and why acting now can make good business sense. It offers practical strategies to help build the resilience of businesses to a changing climate, and it provides key messages and recommendations. This business- focused report is part of Facing the Elements. In combination with the Advisory Report and Case Studies, this Business Primer sets out what Canadian businesses can and should do to manage the risks and opportunities of a changing climate and how governments can help. [Download the Business Primer]

Business Primer – Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Business Risks and Opportunities
Chapter 3: A Business Case for Action
Chapter 4: How To Do It: Raise Awareness
Chapter 5: How To Do It: Assess and Manage Risks and Opportunities
Chapter 6: How To Do It: Build Climate Resilience Across The Enterprise
Chapter 7: Key Messages and Recommendations
Chapter 8: Toolkit
Chapter 9: References

/// Advisory Report

An advisory report to government with research and recommendations on how government can support greater business adaptation to climate change and why this matters. Read what the state of play is on business adaptation in Canada, what steps need to be taken to build resilience, and the roles for government and business in tackling this issue together. [Read the advisory report]

Advisory Report cover
/ Case Studies Report

A collection of company case studies presenting successes, challenges, and lessons from thirteen Canadian and international pacesetters who are already adapting to climate change. Read about the business implications of climate change across industry sectors; see how they assess and manage risks and opportunities; learn what they are doing to build climate resilience across their enterprises.
[read the case studies]

Case Studies