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Think Green; Act Green – Energy Use: Business Travel

Think Green; Act Green

Energy Use: Business Travel

The NRTEE recognizes that business travel by members and staff is the most significant driver of its operational energy use. This is largely due to our approach to delivering on our mandate through person-to-person engagement. Efforts to reduce air, rail and road travel of staff and to encourage others to choose modes of travel that consume less energy when possible are part of the NRTEE’s greening initiative.

General Policies

The NRTEE strives to:

  • Avoid emissions from travel wherever possible (e.g. through use of web-based meetings and conference calls).
  • Reduce emissions from travel where they cannot be avoided.
  • Track its carbon emissions generated from business travel.

NRTEE Practice


NRTEE Practice

Plenary meetings of members


Four meetings per year are held in-person; all other meetings take place by tele-conference.

Executive Committee meetings


Four meetings are held per year by tele-conference.

Meetings of experts and stakeholders organized by NRTEE

One-on-one meetings between Secretariat staff and non-NRTEE participants


These are typically held in person in centrally-located venues; participation by tele-conference or webinar is made possible for those who are not able to attend in person. NRTEE staff travels by rail for all meetings held in Montreal and, where feasible, for meetings held in Toronto.

Looking forward

Where appropriate the NRTEE has increased use of webinars in its convening activities to reduce its energy consumption from business travel and will continue to look for opportunities in this area.