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Message from the President and CEO

Canada’s Opportunity: Adopting Life Cycle Approaches for Sustainable Development

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Life cycle approaches to sustainable development are increasingly becoming the gold standard for assessing the economic and environmental sustainability of a product or policy. They help companies identify cost savings and governments make better long-term policy decisions that integrate the environment and economy together. Canada’s competitors are taking them on board; we need too also.

The NRT’s report, Canada’s Opportunity: Adopting Life Cycle Approaches to Sustainable Development, sets out the risks and opportunities presented by life-cycle approaches. We show how companies and governments are embedding Life Cycle Approaches in their operations and decisions. We identify clear risks to Canada’s competitiveness and environmental reputation if we don’t take steps to use Life Cycle Approaches for our own advantage. Increasingly, market access for our resources and goods will be at risk if we don’t act. We show how business and government can collaborate to enhance economic competitiveness and foster greater environmental stewardship. Finally, we set out priority actions we can and should take to move ourselves ahead.

The Government of Canada asked the NRT to assess Life-Cycle approaches for sustainable development to assist them in their consideration of the issue. Our report provides a focused, cost-effective means of doing so, based on research and input from Canadian companies and experts.


David McLaughlin
NRT President and CEO