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Message from the Interim Chair

Framing the Future: Embracing the Low-Carbon Economy

As Interim Chair of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRT), I am pleased to present Framing the Future: Embracing the Low-Carbon Economy, the final contribution to the NRT’s Climate Prosperity series. This report outlines the potential economic opportunity for Canada as the world transitions to a low-carbon economy. It emphasizes Canada’s existing strengths and identifies areas for action aimed at developing a strong, resilient, and less carbon-intensive Canadian economy.

A low-carbon economy is no longer a concept of the future. Governments around the world are moving ahead, and a number of jurisdictions already have formal low-carbon growth plans in place. Our research and convening led to a clear conclusion: Canada is well positioned to thrive in a low-carbon context but needs to act now to maximize the potential benefits. While governments need to put in place the conditions that will stimulate innovation, mobilize investment, enhance market access, and foster talent and skills development, private interests need to drive the process, engage with governments, and play a leadership role in developing a vision for Canada’s low-carbon future.

Framing the Future: Embracing the Low-Carbon Economy outlines a low-carbon growth framework for Canada, highlighting the policy directions our leaders in public and private sectors need to pursue. Canada’s lowcarbon future is about energy, innovation, and trade. To get there Canada needs to ensure adequate flows of investment, strengthen its governance and ensure it has the human capital to successfully pull off the transition. The task is not a small one, but one Canadians must collectively pursue to prosper in the twenty-first century.

Robert Slater - Photo

R.W. Slater , CM, PH.D.
NRT Interim Chair