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Roundtable Discussion of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation – Theme 3 – October 5, 2010


Theme III – What should Canada do to adapt and prosper through a changing climate?

Confronting the effects of climate change is not about adapting from the present climate to a new one – it is a matter of navigating through ongoing change, at least for the next several decades.  The purpose of Theme III is to highlight key actions needed to sustain and enhance the momentum established by existing adaptation initiatives and focus resources to facilitate future adaptation.  Key questions to explore are:

  • Knowledge of current and projected impacts of, and vulnerability to, changing climate will inform adaptation choices in Canada, as will lessons learned from practical adaptation experiences.  This places new demands on our science infrastructure, including improved monitoring and projection of regional climates, identification of baselines against which to measure progress, and development of methods and information systems for assessing the performance of adaptation efforts.  This also enhances the need for economic information to support cost-effective adaptation decisions. How are we positioned to respond to these demands?  What are the challenges in providing a strong evidence base for adaptation decision-making?
  • Adaptation is occurring and will occur at multiple scales, from the individual household to government level.  What are the challenges in coordinating efforts across scales and ensuring the mobilization of financial and technical resources to support adaptation?
  • We can expect some adaptation to take place spontaneously by private actors, without government intervention; some adaptation will involve government planning and the provision of public goods.  What are key criteria in determining adaptation priorities (lowest cost, most vulnerable, greatest potential impact of investment, greatest chance of success)?  How will we determine who should cover the costs of implementing adaptation measures?
  • Adaptation also involves taking advantage of opportunities created by changing climate conditions.  How can we position ourselves to exploit potential opportunities?
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Theme I: What risks and opportunities does Canada face in a changing climate?

Theme II: What early lessons are emerging from adaptation initiatives by governments, communities, and industry?

Theme III: What should Canada do to adapt and prosper through a changing climate?