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Degrees of Change: Climate Warming and the Stakes for Canada – Research

Degrees of Change illustrates the expected impacts of a changing climate for Canada and how adapting to these impacts now will be necessary to secure our prosperity in an uncertain climate future. The NRT has developed a uniquely Canadian diagram to illustrate the effects of climate change across eight areas of importance to our country and Canadians.  Based on a vast array of published scientific literature, it maps scientifically accepted climate-related impacts, current and projected, to a global temperature scale.

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This NRTEE study illustrates the range and detail of scientifically accepted information on the possible effects of climate change in Canada over this century. It points to viable response strategies to begin to manage related risks and opportunities through adaptation.

This study serves two purposes:

FIRST, the NRTEE uses its Degrees of Change diagram to explain to Canadians how the effects of climate change could develop and intensify in Canada. A number of international science bodies assess the likely consequences and very long-term risks associated with global warming for the world as a whole or for specific global regions. Our diagram (and this report) is not a  scientific assessment. It is a summary of the science literature on the expected effects of climate change in Canada over the 21st century. By illustrating the possible effects of climate change in sectors and systems that are signifi cant to Canada, it helps build understanding of how adapting to these effects now and into the future will be necessary to secure our prosperity in uncertain climate futures. It also sheds light on some of the impacts that may prove challenging, if not impossible, to adapt to.

SECOND, it lays the groundwork for the NRTEE’s forthcoming work on climate change impacts and adaptation by outlining the scope and scale of the issue. This report does not include cost estimates of the impacts of climate change or of adaptation strategies to address related risks or opportunities. NRTEE analysis on the possible costs of action or inaction at the national level and costs and benefi ts of adaptation, and advice on practical pathways to deepen engagement and action on adaptation in Canada will follow in two later reports of the Climate Prosperity series.